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Shaman Products

Shaman products was founded on a Vision.
The dream was to create a company that would be boundless.
Shaman – Part priest, part sorcerer, magician and seer, healer, prophet, male or female, shamans can enter into a state of trance, travel beneath the sea or among the stars to the northern lights, transform themselves into wolves, seals or monsters, call upon benevolent spirits and fight to the death against malevolent ones, exercise justice, heal the body and save the soul, condemn, forgive, take or give life. Mediums, sages and sorcerers, they act as intermediaries between the world of the living and the supernatural world of shadows and spirits.
To date it has allowed me and others to travel to many parts of the world, share many great experiences with a multitude of people and cultures. In its own small way it has helped in making the world a better place.
It has given me the ability, in conjunction with, support from family, friends and sponsors to train for and win a Kayak World Free Style Championship. Through this I learned that the goal is but a fleeting instance in time and not so important but as to give you direction. What is important is the journey and how you Captain it.
I love perpetual motion, whether it is surfing a large wave, carving the snow or just moving seamlessly through existence. No friction in harmony, that is bliss. One of my chief goals is to propel positiveness in life like perpetual motion.
perpetual motion — (motion that continues indefinitely without any external source of energy; impossible in practice because of friction)???
Flying was thought to be impossible and the world was once flat. Dare to dream!!! Think outside of the box.
Newton’s First Law of Motion – (An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.)
I think this applies to most anything whether it is an object or feeling. Create positiveness where you go and with what you do and it propels itself until an unbalanced force stops it. The same is true for negativeness or negative energy. Think about that the next time you’re so mad. Check out the sight link below and the effects of emotions on water. Unbelievable!!!
I think that one of the largest problems we face today is our constant shifting of responsibility. I think we do it largely because we feel disconnected and inconsequential in the world. Most people feel like “what can I do?” as one person “how much difference or harm can I make?”. The answer is a lot, in either direction because with each passing moment you will do one or the other simply by existing. The choice is not always clear or easy but you will create a balanced or unbalanced force. It’s for you to decide.
That is why “Shaman” was the chosen name for the company. It was not just to be a way to make money but a way to live, a standard to uphold, to be a guide on life’s path and with a little hard work and magic it will continue to do just that.
Thank you for your continued support.
Sincerely, Eric Southwick


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